Multi-instrumentalist (guitar, nyckelharpa, violin, bouzouki) and composer.  Kornel approaches the universe of music in all its diversity with the spirit of  an explorer.

Parallel to his studies of music in the Academy of Szczecin and Gdansk in Poland, Kornel created his first group with buddies of school. The music of King Crimson, Genesis, Yes… is the source of inspiration that created their first compositions.

Later, he was awarded the first prize in guitar performance at The Royal Academy of Music in Brussels. The following years, Kornel performed on stage and produced several recordings of guitar solo.

At the beginning of the nineties, an interest in recording techniques lead Kornel to continue his studies at INSAS (Higher National Institute of Arts of Spectacle and Techniques of Broadcasting ) in Brussels.


In 1996, with a shared passion for folk music, he formed the traditional music group"Topaze" with whom he performed on the violin in folk balls and festivals.


With a growing interest in the Celtic style, he played traditional Irish music with the group Megahn in 1998-99.

Kornel also performed in Antwerp with the pop group “Cabbagetown”.

In 2001 Kornel met James Kline (Arch-Harp Guitar with 19 strings) in Aix en Provence and they decided to set up the duo “Bardou”. For this formation, Kornel learned to play  the Nyckelharpa, a traditional  Swedish instrument.

Also Kornel plays in shows for children, based on the books of Koen Van Biesen “De Kapitein in ik” and “Mama Lucinda”


By carrying on the life of a modern day troubadour, Kornel meets musicians of all cultures and becomes familiar with a broad range of musical styles.
The variety of timbre that the instruments of the world offer inspires Kornel to create new sound colors in his compositions.


Currently, Kornel is devoted to the composition of his new album « The Soft World » in world-jazz style.




1995  "About Friends"  

Kornel Mariusz Radwanski - plays classic guitar

1996  Topaze "Musique de Fête" - traditional dance music from Europe

Kornel Mariusz Radwanski  - plays violin

Christian Deschuyter - diatonic acordion

2000  "Looking at The River"

Kornel Mariusz Radwanski - plays classic guitar

2002  Bardou -  "Qui fait souffler le vent" - celtic music and original compositions by

Kornel - nyckelharpa

James Kline - 11strings arch guitar

2005  Bardou - "A Feather Upon The Shore" original compositions by

Kornel - nyckelharpa 

James Kline - 19strings arch-harp guitar